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Welcome to Yoga 4 Peace!
We are a non-profit yoga studio based in Southgate, Michigan
(Downriver Detroit).

AumOur mission is to share yoga with all, regardless of personal belief, physical ability, or financial limitation. We believe the myriad benefits of yoga should be available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. This is the foundation of our organization--sharing yoga with everyone, regardless of their financial status, age, or ability.

If you are new to yoga and would like to learn more about yoga and the benefits of practicing, we encourage you to read the "Yoga FAQ" page.

AumWe are a licensed proprietary school in the State of Michigan, and currently offer a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to students interested in higher learning and/or yoga teaching. Click on "Teacher Training" to learn more.

AumIf you're ready to get started with yoga, please join us for a class—all of our classes are drop-ins. If you’re brand new to yoga or prefer a gentler, more adaptive class, check out one of our “Therapeutic” classes, denoted with a “T” on the schedule. If you’re up for more of a physical challenge and have some experience, join in on one of our “A” or Athletic classes.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move. Use a yoga mat for cushioning and to keep from slipping. We offer mat on loan, we just ask that you clean it afterward.

AumRemember one thing: “No pain, no gain” is NOT the yoga way. If it hurts, stop. Patience and feeling good about yourself and your world is the way of the yogi. All of our teachers support “honoring your edge,” meaning that we do not believe in pushing the body, but moving in alignment and awareness.